Memorial Day Weekend | May 25 - 26, 2024 | Decatur, Alabama

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Thanks to our generous and loyal sponsors admission & parking for the Alabama Jubilee are free!

Events & Activities

Hot Air Balloons

This is the main event! The hot air balloon activities of the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic consist of four flight and event timeslots, the first is early Saturday morning (6:00am - 8:00am) and the second is late-afternoon Saturday (5:00pm - 8:00pm); then again in the morning and evening on Sunday (same times). 

The mornings are reserved for aircraft competition tasks between pilots and their crews (sometimes called 'races'...though this is no speed contest).  Evenings consist of thirty balloons being allowed to 'fun fly' off the field or elsewhere in Decatur and thirty balloons stying on the Jubilee field giving a glow on Saturday and on Sunday giving tethers and static displays. Keep in mind we would love to have all 60 balloons on the field at-once, we just don't have enough space!

Tethered rides are at the pilots discretion and are FREE.   We do NOT offer paid balloon flights at our event.

Tethered Rides are offered on the Alabama Jubilee schedule as part of our evening operations each day. 

Tethered rides are at the pilots discretion and are FREE.   

We do NOT offer paid balloon flights at our event.

  • Lines for the rides can be long so arrive early for the wait.

  • Minors (under 18) are not allowed in the balloons unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Most pilots will not fly a child under the age of three (3).

  • Balloons are aircraft, not fair rides. Many will run-out of fuel after one or two hours.

  • If weather conditions change, the balloons may have to discontinue. 

  • Smoking not allowed on the launch field. Balloon fuel is liquid propane and is dangerous.

  • Be mindful of tie-down ropes. Do not cross these unless you are told to do-so.

  • Do not touch the balloon equipment unless directed to.

  • Balloons have weight and capacity limits. Large groups will be asked to split-up.

Events are early and late in the day. The best time to arrive at the field is before 6:00am for morning and 5:00pm for evening.

Balloon inflations and flights are often canceled, delayed, or postposed due to weather.  Please see our event announcements page for more information on these happenings.

The Alabama Jubilee balloon events consists of four balloon events.

Each morning there is a is a competition flight for the balloons.  In the evenings half the balloons will fly with the other half stay on the field for tethers and a balloon glow.

For those who often ask how you compete in a balloon a brief description of balloon competition tasks are below:

Saturday Morning - Morgan County Commission Hare & Hound.

One balloon designated as the 'hare' will launch before the others.  Once in the air they try to follow the first balloon. 

The first balloon will land and roll out a large fabric 'X' onto which the "hound" balloons will try to drop a bean-bag marker.  Whoever is closest to the center wins.

Sunday Morning - Lynn Layton Key Grab

This is a 'fly-in' that brings the balloons from off the field back onto it for the Lynn Layton Key Grab.

Balloons must fly a pre-set distance, usually three miles, and attempt to navigate back to the field in order to grab a ring from the top of a tall pole.  A secondary goal is to drop a bean-bag marker at the center of an 'X' that is also laid-out at the pole.

Would you like to crew for a balloon?  If you would please look-out for our yearly 'crew school' event just prior to the Alabama Jubilee.  Dates and times will be announced on TV, in the paper, on our facebook and here!

If you can't make the school please see us prior to the morning pilot briefing at the left-side of the stage.  Wear long-pants and close-toed shoes and be prepared to lift things, get dirty and have lots of fun!

We have many food and merchandise vendors at the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic including: fried foods, pizza, funnel cakes, ice cream, lemonade, inflatable activities, face paint, drinks, Kona Ice and much, much more!  You'll have to visit our midway to find-out all that we offer because we are signing-up vendors right-up until the last moment to pack the most in!

If you would like to be a vendor at the Alabama Jubilee you'll need to fill-out our form and mail or e-mail it as instructed inside:

Food & Activities Application

Merchandise Application

Note: All of our Vendor slots are full for 2024

The Alabama Jubilee features live acts and shows and many local and regional bands have played some of their first shows on our stage. Veterans are honored during an onstage ceremony and live radio acts ham it up!

Our schedule is constantly updating so check back often to find out the latest!

Visitors are invited to visit the Arts and Crafts show put on by the Decatur Art Guild near and inside the old ice-rink / pavilion.

There are lots of interesting treasures to be found from traditional wall-art, to yard-art, custom knives, and trinkets of all kids its sure to excite and delight! 

If you would like to be a showing artist please contact the Decatur Art Guild. 

Each year the Southland Flywheelers  host a Tractor Show by the T.C. Almon Recreation Center. The show features the best restored and maintained tractors in the southeast. Come and see the tractors on display and the roaring power of the demonstrations!

Come and see the classic cars at the Alabama Jubilee Auto Expo. Marvel over custom restorations, original vintage autos, kit cars and more.

If you own a classic car, you too can participate show up early between 8:00am and 12:00pm to enter your car. There is a $20.00 entry fee and all proceeds support local automotive students. Prizes are awarded at 12:30pm! 

For more information contact: Donald Allen @ 256-227-4681 or Joe Betterton @ 502-821-8727

  • Smoking is not permitted on the launch field due to use of propane. 
  • Dogs and other pets are welcome but discouraged.  They can be frightened by the balloon burners. They must be leashed and bagged after.

  • Lawn chairs, wagons, and small picnic items are allowed.  Please keep your setup at the edges of the field.
  • Tailgating tents or 'pop tents' must be kept along the tree-line. Small umbrellas and shading devices are acceptable away from the balloon launch zones.
  • No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on the field INCLUDING golf-carts not used by Jubilee officals.
  • You must move your items if requested by a Pilot or crew.
  • Keep clear and do not walk over any tether lines or tie-offs. 
  • Do not touch or walk over the balloons while on the field.
  • Tethered rides require a signed waiver of lability. Children 19 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • You are allowed to bring food and beverages into the park.
  • The Alabama Jubilee is a 'No Drone Zone'.  You may NOT operate a drone on the field during the balloon event times; even if you are a licensed drone pilot.

  • Event parking at Point Mallard Park parking lots and remote lots is free.
  • Handicap parking at all lots is open to all tagged vehicles. 
  • Additional 'temporary' handicap parking is added near the launch field. 
  • Drop-offs are allowed in the baseball field lot adjacent to the launch field.
  • An accessible viewing area is provided at the driving range covered tee area. 
  • We have handicap portable toilets on the field and the regular park restrooms.
  • Shuttled Remote Parking - there will be shuttle service available from the GE parking-lot outside of the main park from 3:00pm - 8:00pm.  There is a fee of $5.00 round-trip; 3 and under are free.
  • If you come by boat via Flint Creek, please keep safe by observing the 'safe zone' around the area where fireworks will be launched Sunday evening.

  • Balloons fly early in the morning and late afternoon.  Mornings are at 6:00a.m.; Afternoon 6 ~ 7:30p.m.

  • Tethered rides are limited and require a signed waiver of liability.  Children under 19 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Many pilots will not tether children three and under. The loud burner noise can damage their hearing.

  • Paid flights are not sold during the Jubilee. If you would like to purchase a ride for another time there are many pilots that sell them; please visit The Heart of Dixie Balloon Club for more information.

  • Dress appropriately, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated.

  • Smoking is not allowed on the launch field.

  • Dogs and other pets are discouraged due to the loud noises and crowds.  If you do bring don't forget food and water for them. Pets must be leashed and bagged after.


The Alabama Jubilee has the best sponsors around and we could never put on a great show year, after, year; free to the public without them!  If you would like to become a sponsor please download the form and send it back to us!

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