Balloon Flights & Tethers

Tethered Rides

Tethered Rides are offered on the Alabama Jubileee schedule as part of our evening operations each day. 

Tethered rides are at the pilots discretion.  Which means not-all of our pilots will offer them.  Tethered rides are free, with limited capacity.


  • Lines for the rides can be long so arrive early for the wait.
  • Minors (under 18) are not allowed in the balloons unless accopanied by a parent or guardian whom can give consent on a waiver of liability.  This is mandatory.
  • Most pilots will not fly a child under the age of three (3).
  • Balloons are aircraft, not fair rides. Many will run-out of fuel after one or two hours.
  • If weather conditions change, the balloons may have to discontinue. We are sorry that not everyone will get a tether but pilots and crews must put safety first.
  • Smoking not allowed on the launch field. Balloon fuel is highly flamable liquid propane and balloon fabric melts easily.
  • Be mindful of tie-down ropes. Do not cross these unless you are told to do-so.
  • Do not touch the balloon equipment unless directed to.
  • Balloons have weight and capacity limits. Large groups will be asked to split-up.

Paid Balloon Flights

The Alabama Jubilee does not offer paid rides at our event.

You are, however, allowed to purchase paid rides from individual pilots for other times and places.  If you wish to do so, we can direct you to some pilots that would be happy to accommodate you.